How to make money on dOTC Marsbase. Guide for crypto whales, influencers, VC, launchpads and DeFi projects

In one of our previous articles, we looked at how retail investors can use the Marsbase dOTC platform for additional income.

In this article, we will look at how our platform can be useful for more experienced market players who have large budgets.

These crypto investors groups may include:

What they all have in common is that they most likely have large amounts of liquidity in the form of a motley portfolio of altcoins. The desires of such crypto pros can also coincide.

For example:

  • Sell ​​or buy a large amount of assets (any liquidity) as profitably and quickly as possible
  • Get access to OTC deals without long KYC onboardings, etc.
  • Anonymously trade in large volumes
  • Accumulate as large an allocation as possible (which can be difficult to buy at once on the market)
  • Exchange mined liquidity for other crypto assets
  • Bring tokens to the market without pressure on their price
  • Keep investors from dumping tokens for as long as possible and/or evenly

But the problems associated with the possession of a large amount of tokens are different. It doesn’t matter to us how the tokens were obtained, but Marsbase solves the problem of each of the listed market players.

We propose to consider different trading situations faced by whales, projects, funds or lunchpads, as well as how Marsbase becomes an alternative solution to these situations.

What to do with large or even huge amounts of assets in altcoins of different capitalization?

Most likely, the first thing you do when you need to buy or sell a lot and quickly, you go to the DEX or CEX or pour assets into a pool or glass, use pending orders, and, most importantly, lose time and money in the process due to for the impact of large transactions on the price of an asset. When you sell low-cap alts, you set off a chain reaction — a panic sale and a subsequent price dump triggered by a frightened community.

Of course, when you buy in large volumes, then everyone will only be happy, the price will rise, but there is one thing. You also lose your personal funds on such transactions.

So, the first DeFi OTC Marsbase solves the problem of low liquidity, allowing anonymous trading of huge volumes of tokens without slippage and influence on their market price.

At the moment, there are 2 types of OTC trades on Marsbase with a choice of 150 currency pairs (ERC-20).

In the first case, whales trade with whales in an auction format. In the second, the whales trade with small investors using fractional trades. In any case, it is in the interests of all users to set prices below those that can be found on exchanges, but more profitable than slippage loss.

Crypto whales

Now, in order to sell an asset, you will not need to contact several OTC desks, pay a tangible commission to the OTC manager, or search through various centralized or decentralized exchanges, collecting assets for $100–200k dollars.

With the help of Marsbase and Part deals, it will be possible to collect a large amount of completely different assets, including shieldcoins, with the participation of many other users. Small market players themselves will offer what they have, on your terms!

For example, you want to collect a portfolio of a number of altcoins of different capitalizations in the amount of, say, $2–3 million.

All you have to do is place an ad to buy various tokens for stablecoins or another liquid asset, offer an adequate premium (using our calculator), and determine the deadline for these transactions to be completed!

Read detailed guides on using the platform to learn more:

Another option. Let’s say you are an ETH miner. You want to understand how much money other traders are willing to offer for your 3000 ETH lot. You place a $150,000 ETH / USDC lot, select the Best Bid trade mode, and start collecting offers.

This mode of transactions will allow potential buyers to offer you only the full amount of closing the transaction, i.е. 100%, but at the same time they are likely to set their own discount and ask for an asset less than its real value.

And in some cases even more than its real value. It can even be market manipulators who intentionally gain more assets in order to scare newcomers, provoke a panic sale and buy on a drawdown.

At the end of the term, the platform algorithm will automatically select the best deal options and close it with the best offer. There is no need to worry, since selling such a volume on a regular exchange would lead to a more significant decrease (or increase, which in the opposite situation provokes others to take profits) in the final amount of the transaction. If on OTC it can be 5–7%, then on the DEX exchange you can lose all 30%. All this, by the way, can be checked using our smart price comparison calculator for OTC, CEX and DEX.


Your audience can parse large deals from you with “whale” discounts for any amount, and then arbitrage or hold a little bit. At the same time, you will receive a part of the commission from the transactions of your audience. You can learn more about this feature (deeplinks) in future articles.

A blogger can also become an OTC manager and receive information about the sweetest deals and special conditions. We have created a completely unique referral sharing system that is more like a marketplace than a referral program of traditional exchanges. At the same time, we retained the profitability of crypto programs.

If a blogger or micro-influencer becomes an ambassador, he will also receive a bonus in the form of a utility NFT card from a limited ambassador collection. It provides advantages when working with the platform: discounts on commissions, an increased percentage of share sharing and early access to profitable deals. Learn more about the Ambassador Program here.

The main thing is that the influencer will be able to receive an allocation from the platform, through which by 2025 (with the growth of the market) up to $ 1 trillion dollars in the turnover of OTC transactions will pass.

Founders and teams of DeFi projects

The entrance to the platform is carried out through an external wallet without any registration. That is, you will get immediate access to transactions with altcoins of any capitalization. At the same time, we guarantee 100% safe execution of transactions due to reliable smart contracts.

Marsbase is very beneficial for startups and the community of these projects. If earlier OTC transactions were mainly made with BTC, then our dOTC desk is the only platform where you can trade any asset.

Founders, teams, early investors, i.e. all those who have a significant amount of the asset after entering the market and listing can trade large shares of their assets here without damaging the market price of their token. Anonymously.

If, for example, one of the major holders wants to sell an asset, then he can come to Marsbase, create a PART offer and share the link in the community of the project itself. The community will receive an offer at a discount, which is beneficial in itself. For the seller, this is an opportunity to reduce the price impact for themselves and sell more profitably. It turns out a smooth distribution of tokens within the community without pressure on the price.


Marsbase for launchpads is simply indispensable, because only here transactions will be made that do not affect the price of assets. This means only one thing — a confident start of projects with a rapid rise in prices.

How it usually happens:

  • The project with its (minimum) community comes to the launchpad. This project has already passed the sed stage and already has early investors.
  • For the launchpad, these investors are largely unknown. That is, the launchpad, taking on the risk of project promotion, also takes on board the holders with the largest volumes of the project token.
  • The launchpad will promote the project and the community that trusts the pad and invests in it. After the project enters the market (especially after the first distribution of vesting tokens), those first investors drop the price in 90% of cases. There is no effect on them.
  • This leads to the fact that the next time the launchpad community will be wary of a project with unknown backers, an ill-conceived vesting schedule.
  • Most likely, after 1–2 times, most users will simply stop participating in pad sales, which, in turn, will lead to a drop in the value of the pad token.
    Reduced demand for pad will result in fewer and fewer projects to launch. Should we tell you what’s next for you.

The good news is that things can be different. The more successful projects you launch, the more projects will reach out to you to repeat or even surpass previous achievements. More lawsuits, more profits.

A good reputation will certainly affect the mood of the community. And a happy community will bring more deals, a percentage of the commissions from which will also replenish the launchpad piggy bank.

To do this, you need to convince the launchpad community and the projects themselves to sell assets not to a pool or glass, but to Marsbase OTC, while earning additional revenue from these transactions.

Let’s sum up:

  • OTC trading without onboarding
  • Absolute anonymity — no one will even know that the asset has been sold
  • Fast and easy transactions with Marsbase PART SELL and BEST BID
  • Trade any amount of assets without restrictions
  • Favorable conditions and price comparison calculator with CEX and DEX
  • No impact on asset price and slippage

Our platform is an eco-trading tool, i.e., transactions here do not harm the market, projects, community trust and investor wallets of different stages. Any amount sold here, and not poured into a glass, is a concern for crypto comrades, for beginners, for the project budgets that it spends on retaining and attracting users, and, first of all, for its wallet. This is a real act of caring for the crypto ecosystem and a win-win situation for everyone.

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