About the Marsbase project

The first DeFi OTC Marsbase solves the problem of low liquidity, allowing anonymous trading of huge volumes of tokens without slippage or market price impact. In addition, dOTC Marsbase allows users with a budget of even $100 to buy tokens with “whale” discounts of 10–20–30%.

Ambassador roles

What is the Marsbase Ambassador Program and what role does an Ambassador play in it? You can express yourself in the following ways.

  • Social media
    Help from the project community in one of the Marsbase social networks. For example, it can be a suggestions of new posts or collaborations with other projects, etc.
  • Content
    You may create text guides, video reviews, come up with ideas for contests, quizzes, articles, tutorials or even gifs and memes.
  • Building local communities in your country
    You can create and manage the MARSBASE community in your local language.
  • Bloggers and influencers
    For influencers, becoming an ambassador means receiving additional income through the Marsbase referral program (coming soon). If you are a beginner blogger, then Marsbase will help you become even more famous.
  • Pro Ambassador
    This role can include anyone who is well versed in their professional fields: programmers, designers, testers, product managers, creators of educational programs.
  • Crypto Expert
    If you are a trader who understands what is an ICO, testnet, DeFi or smart contracts, potential projects, market trends, the impact of the stock market on the crypto market, then we need you!

General requirements

This is what the perfect portrait of a Marsbase Ambassador looks like:

  • You are familiar with the crypto space, CEX and DEX platforms;
  • You understand what blockchain, farming, bridges, liquidity pools, dApps, DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0, etc. are;
  • You are ready to devote to the project from 2 to 10 hours a week and complete tasks every week;
  • You are very interested in all modern trends; familiar with Marsbase, used the website or took part in the testnet.

Benefits for participants and uniqueness of the program

  • Ambassador pool in MBASE tokens, constituting 0.3% of the total supply of tokens
  • Pool of rewards for ambassadors that grows with the volume of transactions on the platform
  • Allocation in the Private round at the upcoming IDO
  • Special NFTs from the first collection of Marsbase, preferences on the platform due to the possession of NFTs
  • Additional contests and prize draws for ambassadors only
  • Additional contests and prize draws for everyone who applies and joins our Candidate Ambassador Discord Chat.
  • Early access to platform updates and other important information, communication with the project team and other ambassadors in a closed chat, the opportunity to upgrade hard and soft skills on a real project (+ recommendations for CV)
  • 📖 Openness
    Our ambassadors always know how big is their reward, what timeframe and for what tasks they have. Therefore, you can always plan your income and the time it will take to complete the task!
  • 🎁 Rewards
    We publish information about the reward allocated for each season in advance. At the moment, the size of the reward for the season is about $33,000! During each season, the size of the reward may increase!
  • 💸 Instant payouts
    If you choose to claim your reward at the end of the first month (out of three within the same season), you can do so. The reward will be paid out in USD, not in mBase tokens.
  • 🧨 Checkpoint payments
    We value the contribution of each person to our community, so we do not intend to deprive anyone of earned rewards. The Ambassador Program has checkpoint amounts that you can claim even if for some reason you decide to leave the program.
  • 👑 Leader system
    In our program, as in life, you can become a leader and receive even more rewards. If you take the leadership among the rest of the participants, additional tasks will increase your income!
  • 🕺 Personal score
    Even if you are not a leader, your personal achievements will not go unnoticed either. For all those who complete the maximum number of tasks and do not lose the quality of completing tasks, we have provided separate bonuses! Diligence is rewarded!
  • 📝 Extra sets
    If for some reason you did not make it to the final selection of ambassadors, do not get upset, as during the course of the program we may announce additional recruitment of participants.
  • 👛 Additional rewards
    If you submitted an application for selection, but did not pass it, then you, as an applicant, still have the opportunity to take part in giveaways and other activities for applicants. Other rewards, other tasks — you do not lose the opportunity to benefit the project and will have the opportunity to receive a reward!

Distribution of MBASE tokens from the fund of ambassadors

The Ambassador Fund is a specially allocated MBASE tokens to reward participants of the Ambassador Program (AP). The program is designed for several seasons, each of which consists of 3 months.

  1. Every week, ambassadors complete tasks and receive points for this.
  2. At the end of the week, the results are summed up and gathered into the table.
  3. Each ambassador receives share of the reward proportionally to their share of points earned by the entire team.
  • You are claiming 25% of the reward allocated to the entire team
    (100/400 = 25%)
  • The reward per team is $700
  • Your reward will be $175 (mBase equivalent).

How are assignments evaluated?

At the beginning of a new period, ambassadors receive a list of tasks with points for completing them. There will be several tasks to choose from in each direction. Sample tasks will be published in our Discord channel for ambassadors.

  • A participant can initiate the creation of new tasks himself. If approved, these tasks will also be added to the registry and can be used by other participants as templates.
  • Tasks can be urgent or have a strict deadline. Completing such tasks earns you more points.
  • Tasks can be either unique or standardized. Tasks can also be one-time or recurring.
    The task “Give feedback on a new landing” cannot be completed twice. But the task to record a video can be repeated every week.


Each week of activity gives you a streak coefficient that adds up to the final points at the end of the month.

  • You have only completed Week 1 missions: Boost = 1.0.
  • You completed tasks for the first and last week of the month: Boost = 1.2.

NFT for Ambassadors

Opportunity makers: NFT for ambassadors, referrals and OTC managers (1000 units)

  1. NFT PACK 500 pcs. for level 1 ambassadors (​​Bronze)
  2. NFT PACK 300 pcs. for level 2 ambassadors (Silver)
  3. NFT PACK 200 pcs. for level 3 ambassadors (Gold)
  • Ability to use NFT as an avatar
  • Access to private chats using NFT as a key
  • Increased % for farming MBASE
  • Increased cashbacks from commissions on the platform
  • Increased % from the mass distribution of deep links to offers

Stages and timeframes for participants

  • Stage 1: Collection of applications and selection process
  • Stage 2: Announcement of the candidates
  • Onboarding for ambassadors (mini-training)
  • Preliminary tasks and an exam
  • Announcement of the finalists
  • Work within the framework of weekly sprints according to the regulations
  • Assessment once a week and rewarding according to the results





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