Marsbase Colonizers Vol. 2

We’ve shared the general information on the Marsbase Ambassadors Program earlier. You may find it here. There we described how to join the program, what are the activity segments, benefits and so on.

This article contains more specific info on the requirements & rewards.
Read on to learn more about:

Program timeline
Selection rounds
Rewards & rules

All detailed information about our Ambassador program can be also found in this document. If you have any questions, please join the discussion in our Discord channel.


Our program is divided into seasons. One season consists of 3 months.

You can always plan your time, as our program has clear deadlines:

1 season = 3 months; 1 month ~ 4 weeks with different tasks; 1 week = 10 assignments per 1 segment group.

We plan to have at least 3 seasons:

  • Summer — from April to July
  • Autumn — from August to November
  • Winter — from November to March

The first season of the Ambassador program has already started. Applications can be submitted until the end of March 2022.


As part of the first selection round, you will need to

  • Fill out this form as completely as possible
  • Subscribe to all Marbase social media accounts (mandatory).
  • Attach a structured and well-designed portfolio in the chosen direction. The maximum number of selected directions is 2. Therefore, send no more than 2 portfolios.
  • Join Marsbase on Discord

Second selection round

Applicants who have relevant experience and those whose portfolio corresponds to the chosen direction (segment) pass the first selection round.

To pass the second one which will last one week you’ll need to:

  • Complete the first task. You will need to study all the information about our project and the OTC market.
  • You will also receive a test in the selected activity areas.
  • You will need to evaluate 3 assignments of other ambassadors.
  • 2 days before the end of the week of the qualifying round you will receive a link to the final test.

Based on the results of the second qualifying round, we will select the ambassadors according to the needs of the project. We will designate the number limitations immediately before the announcement of the finalists.

We conclude an agreement with the finalists who have confirmed their readiness to become ambassadors. According to this agreement participants must comply with brand-safety, as well as the rules of participation.

The selection of finalists will take at least 10 working days from the day the second round finishes.

Rewards & rules

There is a set amount of rewards for each season, you can find out more about this in this article.

Summer2022 season — total prize pool of $33,000.

All the final rewards that you earn in the process will be sent to your wallet with a vesting for 3 months and a daily unlock.

Recently we added even more bonuses:

  • an allocation of up to $500 at the upcoming MBS token IDO,
  • a guaranteed $20 prize in MBS tokens for all onboarding participants
  • and $50 in MBS tokens for the finalists!

Also, from now on, you can increase your chances of becoming an ambassador by inviting your friends to our Discord server!

In general you will receive points for completing various tasks. The number of points depends on the number of completed tasks and the quality of their performance. A certain amount of the total prize pool is allocated for each week.

The whole group earned 400 points.

  • You have accumulated 100 points.
  • You are claiming 25% of the reward allocated to the entire team (100/400 = 25%).
  • The reward per team is $700.
  • Your reward will be $175 (equivalent in mBase).

Boosting (multipliers)

Earning points during each week, you will have the opportunity to multiply your result due to the multiplier. The multiplier is assigned to an ambassador depending on his location in the weekly leaderboard.

There are 5 people in the team.

  • 1st place, 100 points, multiplier x1.4 = 140 points.
  • 2nd place, 80 points, multiplier x1.3 = 104 points.
  • 3rd place, 60 points, multiplier x1.2 = 72 points.
  • 4th place, 40 points, multiplier x1.1 = 44 points.
  • 5th place, 20 points, multiplier x1.0 = 20 points.

Total points in the group equals 380.

  • 1st place, receives 36% of the current week’s reward.
  • 2nd place, gets 27% of the current week’s reward.
  • 3rd place gets 19% of the current week’s reward.
  • 4th place gets 12% of the current week’s reward.
  • 5th place gets 6% of the current week’s reward.

All points earned are calculated according to your multiplier. The multiplier is updated every week and depends on your performance the last week.

Early withdrawal

In addition to transparency in terms of income, we will also be as flexible as possible. We provide our ambassadors with the opportunity to collect their awards without waiting for the end of the program.

You worked for 2 months and earned $1,000 (in mBase tokens). Once a month (at the end of the month from the 25th — 30th) you can submit a request to withdraw the reward. You can only get 30% of the reward in USDT, the remaining 70% will stay on your balance in our system and will be transferred to your wallet. At the same time, you do not receive any penalties for withdrawing money and continue to be an ambassador.

❗ mBase vesting lasts for 3 months starting at the end of the season, with a daily unlock. More on mBase tokenomics in this article.

Early withdrawals are only paid in USDT, not in mBase. Thus, you lose potential income from the growth of the mBase token rate. Keep this in mind if you decide to withdraw your income early.


All tasks appear on Monday in the 📕Task Center.

Assignments are given for a week. Some tasks have an urgent status and can be given within a week.

Deadline for tasks: Saturdays, 06:00 UTC.

If you do not meet the deadline, the task burns out and you do not receive points for this task.

The task is considered completed only if all the requirements for the task are met. Requirements are attached to each task, which can be reviewed before starting the task. If you have any questions about the task, go to the chat of your activity segment on Discord and ask a question there, they will help you.

We evaluate tasks in a 5-point system, where 5 points is 100% of the possible reward for the task, 4 points is 80% of the reward for the task, 3 points is 60% of the reward, 2 points and below is 0% from the award.

After completion, it is highly recommended to report the completion of the task so that it gets into the review queue during the week, and not at the end of the week.

Personal score

Within each week, we set an additional bonus which will be credited if you have met the required minimum of completed tasks for the week.

The concept of a “team” in a program

There are teams in each activity segment. All ambassadors are divided into segments or directions (content, social media, promotion, etc.). They are united in groups so they can communicate with each other.

Each team receives a number of tasks. Each ambassador completes individual tasks. In addition to individual tasks, an ambassador can access additional tasks (after gaining leader status).

Weekly top

At the end of each week, we generate a report that shows who received the most points.

You may find it here: ⭐Scores & Leader Board

The leaders of the table will receive additional points by completing additional tasks. More information about additional leadership assignments will be provided during the Ambassador Program.

Leader system and bonuses within the segment

Each ambassador can become a leader within his activity group. To do this, you need to score the most points during the first month of completing tasks.

Only a leader has an access to additional tasks. For additional tasks, you get additional bonuses and your income will increase.

❗ To maintain the status of a leader, it is necessary to maintain a leader streak. If you lose the leadership for more than 1 week in a row, then the leader status passes to the following person in the leaderboard.


  1. There are 5 people in the team.
  2. 4 people coped with the task with a mark of 4/5 and receive 80% of the possible number of points, 20 points each.
  3. The last person in the team who completed the task with a score of 5/5 and receives 100% of the possible number of points, 25 points.

Result: the fifth participant received the most points and became the leader.

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