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The referral program, which the Marsbase team is actively working on, is similar to other referral programs in one way, but it has a number of unique features.

As a Marsbase dOTC platform user you will share the most profitable OTC offers with your friends. They will become your referrals and for this you will receive various rewards and bonuses. However, the main difference is that you simply will not find such opportunities to earn money elsewhere.

By attracting new users, you increase the turnover of the platform. This means that Marsbase’s revenue will increase, for which we will generously reward everyone who invests in the development of the platform.

By inviting more referrals to trade on the OTC market you increase our userbase. WEB 3.0 users will attract new users themselves and participate in the distribution of income from the platform.

In addition, we use another user engagement method by attracting influencers and ambassadors with a large audience to the project. They will be able to build their referral teams and compete with other teams for additional rewards/bonuses.

How does the referral program work?

1. As a Marsbase user you invite new users to participate in your own transactions or, for example, to share with you a large offer with a very attractive price.

2. The people you invite become your referrals as soon as they start making deals as bidders or create their own deals as offermakers.

3. You receive additional income from the trading turnover of each referral. This includes the fees that a referral pays to the Marsbase platform.

How much can you earn?

For each transaction, Marsbase users pay a static fee of 0.5%. At the same time, the standard commission is charged from both the bidder and the offermaker. In total, Marsbase receives 1% of each micro-transaction between two specific users.

With each referral, you will earn a percentage of exactly this commission that users pay to Marsbase. Your income from only one referral can reach from 3 to 12% of the user’s commission on the transaction!


There is a deal for $100,000. Your referrals participated in the deal as bidders and made transactions for $50,000.

To calculate the commission paid by a Marsbase user, multiply

50,000*0.5% = $250

If you invite users who are involved in big deals and generate a lot of turnover, then you will earn much more. Earn up to 12% of this amount. The percentage of income will depend on your referral level.

There are 5 of them in total. You can also earn from 5 levels of invited users.

How to get and improve the referral level?

There are several ways to earn a high referral level on Marsbase:

  1. Staking. By locking your MBase tokens in a smart contract, you will be able to receive a higher level of income not only from staking, but also from each referral user. It all depends on the amount you plan to hold in staking, as well as on the duration of it.
  2. Marsbase NFT ownership. Another way to increase your referral income is to purchase or be rewarded with any NFT from our 3 collections. In addition, our NFTs provide unrealistic opportunities to increase your income on Mars many times: more bonuses from the referral program, higher reputation, access to DAO, cashback from transactions and many more cool and unique utility features.
  3. Trading volume. Another option that we provide by default is your trading volume on Marsbase. Make more transactions, participate in other people’s transactions as a bidder, purchase MBase tokens, actively use all the functions of the platform, and the referral level will increase by itself, you will not even notice how fast your income increases.

How do I start inviting Marsbase users right now?

There are two types of invite links you can use: offer and invite links.

Offer link is a link to a specific deal. Share it, even if the offermaker is not you. Each user participating in the offer using your link will still become your referral.

The invite link is copied from the dashboard. This is a general link linked to your account. Send it to friends or share with your followers. The main thing to remember is that each new user of the platform will bring you a significant passive reward.

You can find your link in the referral section. It is tied to your wallet.
Each person who invites another user automatically becomes the leader of their structure or team of referrals. We call them guilds. In the future, we will be able to launch additional rewards and competitions for the biggest and most outstanding teams.

Referral program for projects, launchpads and liquidity aggregators

There is also a B2B part that adds up to our referral program. Marsbase is developing the B2B part of the platform so that large market participants can share the potential income from DeFi with us.

In the future, we plan to release joint projects with different startups and design separate personal accounts for them with their own ref links, income and audience. We’ll come back to this later.

What is available now?

The referral program is not yet available, but is under active development. It will be launched in two stages.

First, we will give Marsbase users the opportunity to generate their own offer and invite links and accumulate an audience of their referrals, and at the second stage we will start accruing bonuses.

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