Whales could do better. Marsbase Calc vol. 1


Here is our new article type where we shed some light on how crypto whales make their enormous transactions and how they could do it better on dOTC Marsbase!

Let us show you the way Marsbase calculator works and how much money you can save using it. We take as an example a real crypto transaction recorded by the twitter of the Whale Alerts project.


What will happen if the whale decides to sell such a volume into the market depth? There will be one big red candle and it is very likely that this will end in a panic sale.

How to sell such a volume correctly? Let’s use the Marsbase calculator.
You can find it on the main page of the site: https://otcmarsbase.io/

Click on “Calculate”

On the next screen, you can find out how much we will lose on slippage and price impact when selling 6757 PAX Gold tokens.

  • CEX — when selling on a centralized exchange, the average loss will be 69% (or ~$9M), an incredible figure. In fact, you will only receive ~4M$ when you sell on CEX. Moreover, you will provoke an avalanche of sales from other investors.
  • DEX — Things are getting better here, you will lose “only” 43% or ~$7.5M. So instead of $13M you will get a little more than half. Yeah, DEX is not very helpful in this situation.

Let’s press the “Compare with Marsbase” button

Next, we will see a screen with three discount options you can set on the Marsbase platform. Instead of losing money on the price impact, you can sell the token at a fixed discount on the entire volume.

This is beneficial both for the seller, who will lose less on slippage but also for buyers who can buy a token at a discount, i.e. cheaper than anywhere else.

And this is the coolest implementation of the Win-Win strategy!

The smart Marsbase Calc offers a choice of three discount options:

  • Low (13%)
  • Optimal (19%)
  • High (38%)

You can choose any or make your own choice, for example, 10%.

The calculator will show you how much money you can save with that amount of discount.

The amount of the discount affects

  1. The speed of the deal. The greater the discount, the faster the asset will be sold out of the market.
  2. Final amount per trade. With a small discount, you will get more for 1 unit of the asset, but the speed of sale may be low, or an asset with such a discount may not be of interest to market participants.

Advice: Follow the current prices and adjust your offers (transactions) in accordance with the current market situation.

To sum up, we have analyzed how to save money with the Marsbase dOTC calculator. We’ve seen an example of a real transaction with the PAX Gold token. We’d be happy to trade that amount on Marsbase 🙂 Escpecially, when you can simply click Create and save 3,889,957 USDT !

Learn more about Marsbase here: https://otcmarsbase.io/

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