Today we will talk about the MBase token and how its demand is enabled by product features.


📢 Today we will talk about the MBase token and how its demand is enabled by product features.

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(✅ MBase is the first native utility token of the OTC platform, which gives access to various marketplace features and has a number of e-commerce mechanics.

But what, exactly, will provide the buyer pressure?

1️⃣ is the desire of early investors to accelerate vesting. Assuming a buyout from the marketplace relative to a multiplier of x3+ to early investments, the marketplace will feel a lot of buyer pressure to accelerate from 36 months to 24 months, for example. That said, market tokens will have to be scrapped as well.

2️⃣ — access to OTC OTC trades with hot discounts on tokens or SAFT. And here the token opens access to them and acts as the key to receiving a portion of the commissions on the Marsbase platform as decided by the DAO.

3️⃣ — Raises referral level via MBase stacking with lots, which gives positive buyer pressure.

4️⃣- Token opens up access to syndication deals, where users pledge their funds (analogous to AAVE) but to redeem OTC deals with the best terms, then share in the resale kush.

5️⃣- Save on OTC commissions — by paying MBase commissions. This is especially interesting for large sellers and those who offer high volume. And a big seller needs a lot of Mbase.

6️⃣ — MBase token, as an element of an ecommerce mechanic that allows your deals to be more visible, increase them in rotation and pay with credits for other additional services

📈 The bottom line is that MBase’s product features provide stable demand for the token and make it attractive to investors and platform users.

🔠We’ll talk about the deflationary component later!



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