The tools we will use to alleviate the pressure from MBase token sellers

1️⃣ Buyback trades: Our OTC platform enables us to conduct buyback trades at a premium to the market, thereby stimulating token growth.

2️⃣ Secondary market for mBase: Investors will have the ability to safely sell and buy large volumes of MBase without impacting the price. Early investors will also be able to sell SAFT, reducing the potential risk of significant dumps. This, in turn, will alleviate seller pressure on CEX and DEX.

3️⃣ Accelerated vesting: We are developing contracts that allow investors to expedite vesting periods. For example, investors can transition from a 36-month vesting period to 28 or even 24 months, without increasing market pressure resulting from concentrated unlocking.

⚡️We are constantly improving our product to create an OTC platform accessible to every participant.⚡️



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