Strategic Partnership OTC Marsbase x Moonhill Capital


Moonhill Capital is here to support the creation of secondary markets on Web3, and massively using new tools to trade SAFTs, SAFEs, illiquid tokens, locked assets and more!

Since 2016, it has been combined VC fund with secondary market strategies focusing in web3. Moonhil’s investment strategies feed directly into our projects and we can enhance them!

Marsbase give to Moonhill Capital

🔸 Trading tool for SAFT, SAFE and staked assets on good conditions
🔸Access to various destressed and undervalued assets
🔸 Trade any DeFi asset with no slippage or price loss
🔸 Best partner conditions for Moonhill Network

Our main goal is to create an open, legal, simple and safe secondary market for any type of asset and investor.

Moonhill will also support initiatives to create secondary market associations within Web3 and across the ecosystem, including venture capital funds, family offices, law firms, regulators, broker-dealers and the Web3 project itself.

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