Release of web version of Marsbase platform for trading secondary assets

We have worked long and hard to create a new Marsbase platform that will open up Web3 secondary markets to everyone!

The Web will enable you to:
🟢 Finding and evaluating demand for interesting transactions
🟢 Create SAFT / SAFE trades independently in the roles of agent, issuer or holder
🟢 Place bid, outbid, outbid
🟢Tokenize your SAFTs for fractional sales or if oversubscription is not possible
🟢Take fractional bid from buyers and close the deal quickly
🟢Customize a large number of parameters and match with buyer/seller faster than Tinder 😅
🟢Reputation layer for agents and sellers
🟢Validation of all parties
🟢Referral program where you can share deals and earn % of the sale.

Release 1.0 is scheduled for next week, you can become one of the first testers by clicking here.



MARSBASE | SAFT / SAFE Marketplace

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