💲 Marsbase’s New Era: Unveiling Our Updated Tokenomics!

We’re proud to introduce the innovative and balanced tokenomics of Marsbase, meticulously crafted with a tokenomics expert that cooperates with Animoca Brands and highly praised by experts and partners!

⭐️Here are the key features:

Balanced Initial Circulating Supply (ICS): With an ICS of just 4.51%, we counteract excessive inflation, reducing initial liquidity requirements and ensuring a smooth unlock process.

Gradual and Phased Vesting: Our Supply Shock metric, which represents sudden token influxes, starts from month one and gradually decreases, ensuring stability and predictability.

Rapid Inflation Reduction: Monthly inflation decreases swiftly, averaging below 6% in the second year, preserving token value.

Increasing Liquidity: 50% of total buybacks are allocated to enhance liquidity, with 25% going to pools and 25% as LP rewards.

Secure Lock System: For investment rounds and the team, we’ve implemented cliffs ranging from 6 to 12 months, aligning with industry standards and establishing a reputation as a reliable asset for both retail and institutional investors.

VC Appeal: Our potential to attract venture capitalists is bolstered by several factors, including high potential returns. The public round token price is 3.2 times higher than the Seed round, with possible sell pressure mitigated by a total 36-month vesting period.

Deflationary Mechanism: Long-term, our buyback mechanism, based on platform revenue and token usage, exponentially reduces monthly cumulative emissions, making the token deflationary and sustaining its value.

Public Round Attractiveness: No cliffs and a complete unlock of the public pool within 6 months, starting with a 10% unlock in the first month to avoid strong sell pressure.

KOL Appeal: We offer a favorable 6-month vesting for top influencers, valued by influencers and the community.

In synergy with Marsbase’s diversified business model, our token represents a robust asset, backed by a sustainable monetary policy, strategic allocation distribution, secure locks, and a solid foundation for the platform’s business growth.

For a detailed understanding of our tokenomics, follow this link , and stay tuned for our next post about the release of the synthetic token $MBase.

*Access is available upon request from investors and funds

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