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We are pleased to announce the creation of the Cryptocurrency Secondary Markets Association.

“Our main goal is to create an open, legal, simple, and secure secondary market for every type of asset and investor.”
CEO Marsbase Denis Isaulov

CSMA is an ecosystem that consists of:

✅Combining VC funds and Family office, HNWI and syndicates into an investment block that sets the outline for this association.

✅Combining projects, founders and influencers into a project block that will become the subject and basis for creating and teaching the use of secondary markets

✅Legal block — legal companies and compliance representatives in web3 combine their expertise to create a legal field for secondary markets, and minimize risks for buyers and sellers

✅Combining OTC desks and managers into Service block to increase liquidity and speedup of closing deals

✅Marsbase — a platform that will combine all the secondary liquidity, unlock what is blocked.

Answear ( 4️⃣ ( simple questions ( to join

Website, plans, roadmap and other materials will be published in the course of implementation.

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