Marsbase x Company DAO

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Сompany DAO, experts in legal and technical solutions and deal flow for tokenization.

🌐Our joint mission is to open secondary web3 markets to retail investors, enabling them to enter million-dollar deals from as little as $5,000. Which previously were only available to whales.

What does this mean for us?

🟢We are ready to quickly create SPVs for you and manage them in DAO format.
🟢SPV shareholders can freely enter and exit, providing flexibility in transactions.
🟢We provide legal proof of ownership of shares, ensuring transparency.
🟢The ability to involve retail investors and create secondary markets within SPV DAO.
🟢Minimum bid of $5,000 for private investors with fast deal execution.
🟢Expanding fractional deals to various types of assets, including M&A, Debt, Loans, and RWA.
🟢Opening SPVs in jurisdictions where it is legal, thanks to the strategic partners of Сompany DAO.

🛡We recommend Сompany DAO as a reliable contractor for tokenizing various assets, including real estate and more. Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to multiply the speed of realization of any deals.

➡️Don’t forget to turn on updates and subscribe to our bot so you don’t miss the first fractional trades!

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