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About the collection. The legend
Ambassador Collection
NFT cards

Marsbase is the first decentralized OTC desk with unique features for trading both marketable and locked assets without price impact and slippage. We give the opportunity to make deals of any volume with altcoins of any capitalization. In fact, we are a second home for assets and investors. What could not be done on Earth can be done on Mars. This idea formed the basis of the NFT collection.

You can trade even more profitably on the Marsbase dOTC desk if you take advantage of the special NFT preferences. We are introducing utilitarian NFT avatars that are linked with accounts , trading and earnings conditions, a reputation layer and various referral mechanics.

Mars NFTs also give a head start in the speed of obtaining information on new transactions, financial bonuses (providing liquidity, discounts, bonuses for holders, etc.), as well as access to closed communities of large traders/holders on the DeFi OTC platform and in the P2E game.

About the collection. The legend

The year 2100 is coming. The Earth has been restless lately — humanity is divided, dreams of democracy are forgotten, the economic crisis has been going on for a hundred years. The planet is manipulated by a single government and a small circle of the elite. Ordinary people are trying to survive. Country against country. Man against man.

We decided that it’s enough for us and collected everything that is dear to us from the Earth and secretly set off to colonize Mars. The Red Planet where people will be united again, where no borders separate people and communities. A place where it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. What matters is what you want to give to the community, and the community can do for you. Utopian idea, but still.

One way or another, together we are creating a new economic formation, where everyone earns together, where there is neither the possibility nor the need to drown each other. Here, any project brings profit to everyone, and not just a bunch of greedy speculators.

Let’s make Mars bloom again!

Ambassador Collection

We are working on the creation of several collections, which will consist of different series of NFT cards, both collectible and game (in the future). Each of them has a different artistic style and utilitarian value. Each collection is designed for a different audience segment and is needed at different stages of platform development.

As the first collection, we will release NFTs for ambassadors, referrals and OTC managers.

What is inside?

3 NFT categories depending on the level of the ambassador or manager and their personal activity:

NFT PACK 500 pcs. for 1st level (​​Bronze)
NFT PACK 300 pcs. for level 2 (Silver)
NFT PACK 200 pcs. for level 3 (Gold)


  • Ability to use NFT as an avatar
  • Access to private chats of Ambassadors using NFT as a key
  • Increased cashbacks with Mars fee
  • Increased % from offers mass sharing (deep link feature) and other referral mechanics.

NFT cards

The NFT itself is not just a card, but a key to unlocking opportunities on the platform, which of course has artistic value.

Card levels

  • Legendary (absolutely unique)
  • Epic (unique attributes)
  • Rare (not unique attributes)
  • Common (not unique attributes)


The Ambassadors will give rise to a collection of 11,500 unique collectible NFT avatars that will be distributed to investors, holders, ambassadors, OTC managers and the crypto community as a whole. We are happy that everyone will find a new home on Mars, and the Colony will grow and unite our incredible community.


The profile can be upgraded by adding new NFT properties and using items to increase your reputation. Items will be implemented in the future. In the client’s personal account, his avatar and items will be visible.

Distribution phases

NFT will have several distribution phases. The initial distribution will be sent to the ambassadors who managed to earn 1 level. We plan to start distribution from April 15th.

After the first phase, in the future, a monthly distribution of NFT’s will begin to distinguished ambassadors, the most active users of the platform and leaders among OTC traders. NFT avatars will also serve as the basis for identification in guilds, chats and other associations within the platform.

Marsbase reserves the right to add additional utility, as well as change the utility of NFTs, at its sole discretion.

Avatar update

In the future, a person will be able to choose which NFT card to put on his avatar, if he has several of them. By analogy with game characters, you can choose one or the other avatar. In our case, the reputation layer is tied specifically to the profile. It builds up a reputation. By changing the avatar, you change the utility properties of your profile, but do not change its reputation level. If there are different items, the profile properties will change flexibly.

We intend to build business relationships with various projects where your avatars can also be used outside of Mars. Intergalactic superpowers await us in the very near future!

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