Marsbase Gleam Giveaway


MARSBASE DeFi OTC platform for large OTC trades in cryptocurrency launches Gleam Giveaway during the Testnet period from October 26 to December 15.

Here you can find all the details on how to participate in the Gleam Giveaway.

First, if you are new to Marsbase, we recommend that you read these three articles:

Inside OTC

Inside Marsbase


About the Gleam Giveaway

This contest is designed so you would better understand the Marsbase product, the OTC market and our community.

Complete simple tasks and earn points. This way you will get to know the OTC market better and get access to the millions of deals that were previously only available to crypto whales.

The competition is held through the Gleam lottery service on this page:


  1. The results for the main part of the tasks will be summed up automatically within the Gleam service before the launch of Mainnet. We will immediately post the lists of winners on the official channels and give them further instructions on how to receive the prize.
  2. You can score a lot of points for different tasks, but if, when summing up the results, the winner’s tasks were completed incorrectly, he loses the reward. All tasks will be checked, so try to complete them correctly.
  3. All users can participate without exception. Separate Gleam quests have been launched for the Russian and English communities.
  4. The chances of winning grow with the number of points earned. But the winners are chosen by the randomizer.
  5. Dates: October 26 at 00:00 UTC until December 1 00:00 UTC.
  6. The mBASE tokens received as a result of the promo mechanic will be 3-month vesting. This applies to those who choose to receive the prize in mBase tokens.
  7. Each task gives a certain number of points. We especially recommend completing tasks with the possibility of repeated repetition and accumulation of Entries, for example, inviting friends.
  8. It is not necessary to complete all tasks at once. The testnet is designed for several weeks. The gleam quest will continue until the product launches on the mainnet. The winners will be announced at the mainnet presentation.

Task list:

(scores for execution are indicated in brackets)

Perform all tasks only from this page:

  1. Enter your wallet address (BEP-20) and provide a link to your Telegram account
  2. Follow Twitter Marsbase (+1)
  3. Retweet + mark 2 friends (+3)
  4. Subscribe to Telegram channel(+2)
  5. Join Telegram chat (+2)
  6. Join Discord (+2)
  7. Subscribe to our Medium and clap on all articles with at least 50 claps. (+4)
  8. Read the Inside OTC and Inside Marsbase articles and fill in the 2-word secret phrase that you find in these articles. (+ 4)
    Each article contains a secret word, collect a phrase from two secret words and paste it into a special field.
    For example: 1st word is red, 2nd word is blue. Insert a phrase without spaces: REDBLUE.
    We will change these words from time to time. And the secret phrase should match the dates is was available. Otherwise, the task will not be counted.
  9. Connect the wallet on the website (+4)
    At the end, we will check the connected wallets in the system with the wallets that you specified during the testnet.
  10. Take a product tour (+5)
    You need to insert the code that you will receive after completing the product tour.
  11. Register for the Testnet (+7)
    At the end, we will check the Telegram accounts that you indicated at the beginning with the accounts that you indicated during registration.
  12. Invite new members to Marsbase QUEST (+5)


The total prize pool is $ 3000.
It is split $ 1,500 per language community.

1–5. $ 100
$ 55
$ 30
$ 20
$ 15

Accrual options:

  1. The winner receives the first half of the USDT prize after the Mainnet launch, and the second half in tokens a week after the public sale.
  2. The winner gets everything in mBase tokens after the public sale.
  3. The first 100 participants who did not become winners, but at the same time scored more points than the rest of the participants (who also did not become winners), will receive an allocation of $ 200 to the Presale Colonizators tier (read more about presale and public sale here).

Within two weeks after the end of the competition, we will contact the winners and offer an option for calculating the prize.



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