Marsbase at NFT.NYC 2022


Olga Dvoretskaya, Marsbase Ambassador, Eve of our ADAM-X NFT and a huge crypto fan (yes, there are girls in crypto) just represented us at the NFT.NYC conference from June 20 to 23.

We actually have a lot to share. Wanna know how did it go? Read on!

Day 1

We are in New York City at probably the biggest NFT event in the whole world!

There are more than 15 0000 participants from everywhere, a lot of hands to shake and events to visit!

For those who can’t join us in NYC we prepared a small and simple contest.


Day 2

Olga has been pitching Marsbase to the conference participants while also visiting all sessions, VIP dinners and mini-events. What a woman! So much energy is crucial to help ADAM-X colonize Mars!

Day 3

While not all the names of people we talked to can be disclaimed at his point, this one is exception!

Our NFT Ambassador had a full schedule of interesting events and meetings with potential investors and large funds.

And of course it was a pleasure to meet Jodee Rich NFT.NYC producer and co-founder (to the left). He was really impressed by the ADAM-X collection and even booked one for himself.

The right picture is with a person who identifies himself as an NFT charachter. Any ideas who he might be?

Day 4

Olga reports pretty wild results. We hope that all the connections we established will turn into strong partnerships. We really want to make our community and investors happy by partnering with crypto giants!

Stay tuned, subscribe to ADAM-X and follow our upcoming drops. Chiao from Olga Dvoretskaya, our NFT guru!

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