Mars leaderboard. New mechanism for collecting data about contest participants


We are launching a new leaderboard mechanics!

What it is?

A leaderboard is a simple ranking of users (or wallets in this case) according to a number of parameters: total trading volume, the number of created offers, the number of bids placed, etc.

Why is it important?

The Marsbase platform is now at an important stage of development, and we really need the help of the community to move forward, catch all the bugs and move on to the next stage of development. When large transactions will appear on the platform, and this will be the most exciting place for arbitrage.

What will the leaderboard participants get?

  • You will be able to rank higher and gain more trust from other bidders (reputation)
  • The leaders of the rating will receive special statuses in all our social networks
  • You will be able to participate in the monthly lottery with MBase tokens
  • There will also be an opportunity to get a retrodrop for early adopters

More about retrodrop

We do not guarantee any exact numbers now, but we know for sure that we will thank everyone who makes deals and places bids, i.e. all of our early adopters and leaderboard members.

  • The size of the rewards will depend only on all of us! The more turnover we make, the more rewards everyone will have.
  • Therefore, it is in our common interests, as the Marsbase community, to maximize the trading turnover of the platform.

Our goal is $50,000,000 in turnover by autumn 2022. This is necessary for the project to continue to live, protecting investors and projects from pointless money losses and excessive market volatility. We want to make crypto trading non toxic and as harmless to token prices as possible.

And it is also critically important for the product and investment component.

And, of course, all transactions until August 1 will be carried out WITHOUT commissions!

Therefore, it is important to create at least 1 offer or place a bid.
Then you are guaranteed to get into the leaderboard and can claim a reward. Other incentives are possible in the future. Don’t miss this chance!

How to take part?

What budget is needed to participate?

You can create an offer of any size with a minimum discount. Thus, almost the entire amount will be returned to you and you will be able to create a new offer again. And so, without having a lot of capital, you can create many transactions with different coins.

How can you get higher in the rankings?

  • Create offers
  • Place bids in other people’s offers
  • Invite other users to participate in the leaderboard
  • Invite users to social networks

How much money do you need to create offers?

You can create offers with any amount, but the larger the amount of offers, the higher you will be in the leaderboard.

What determines the drop size?

This can be affected by various factors, we will not disclose all of them in order to exclude bonus hunters. But your trading volume and place in the ranking will definitely affect the size of the drop.

What will the leaderboard look like? Where can it be found? How to know your place?
We will answer these and all subsequent questions in the near future, as well as publish a link to the leaderboard.

In the meantime, it’s time to start trading!



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