Launch of #OTCMARSBASEARMY | Share the $100,000 prize pool

2 min readMay 23


Vulcan salute Martians 🖖

💲Are you ready to earn lots of MBase and make an obscene amount of X’s?

Tasks are already available — hurry up and get to work!

➡️ What do you need to do?

Join OTC Army, do simple tasks on social media.

You’ll be able to get points for each task and convert them into MBase. IDO is scheduled for Q1 2024 and it is up to you to decide how many MBase you will earn by this date.

➡️ Read more about the program:

OTC Army is for those who want to help the project with social media support and earn with us. Our project has a large community, but if we act together, our voices will be even more visible.
Users help promote the project and this activity will now be systematic, and participants will be able to earn MBase. This project is fully consistent with the Web3 concept — users develop the project and also reap the rewards.

We will join forces for the benefit of the whole community and we will be able to better promote our content!

➡️ What do you need to do?

Go to the link where all the tasks are gathered — links, tasks will be regularly updated, so do not miss anything subscribe to our social networks.

➡️А To add some excitement and fight we introduced leaderboard!

🔥 Leaderboard:

Destination leaders will be identified at the end of the programme. The top 10 leaders get an extra boost to their points.

1st place — 2.0
2nd place — 1.9
3rd place — 1.8
4th place — 1.7
5th place — 1.6
6th place — 1.5
7 place — 1.4
8 place — 1.3
9 place — 1.2
10 place — 1.1

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