Discount Happy Hours by Marsbase


Salute to all, we have great news for all of you!

Starting from June 17 Marsbase (BSC version) we are launching Happy Hours.

This is a special event the main purpose of which is to show the full benefits of the OTC market and P2P transactions to as many ordinary retail investors as possible.

Thus, at the moment when a large and profitable deal appears on the platform you’ll know how to make money on it.

Now let’s take a closer look at “Happy hours”

Every day we will drop VERY profitable deals with big discounts.

For example: you enter the platform and see an offer to sell BNB at a 50% discount from the current market price — cool? We also thought so, so the number of transactions per day will be several so that more people can take part in this process.

The time at which we’ll publish deals will be random. You will get a notification on our social networks. We’ll make an announcement 5–15 minutes before the start of a happy hour. SO be careful!

All you need to do to be able to buy a token at a HUGE discount is to follow our social networks and set yourself a notification so that you don’t miss this opportunity for easy and simple arbitrage.

Some event details

1. All transactions will take place in the Part Dynamic format — this is a mode in which any P2P (OTC) transaction is closed piece by piece.

For example:

  • There is a limited offer for $1000 with a minimum step (bid) of 10%.
  • Now you can buy any token at a good discount and you don’t have to have $1000. The entry threshold for you will be only $100 (10% — min bid).
  • The deal has a 25% discount. This means that for $100 you’ll buy the equivalent of $125 ($25 instant profit)
  • Well, then you know what to do when you get a coin cheaper by 25% of the market price😉

2. Until August 1 we remove the platform fee so that you don’t spend extra money on transactions. Be careful, as there is still commissions of the BSC network.

3. The number of deals that will appear during the happy hour will grow and your potential profit from each deal too.

4. All trading takes place through Metamask so you need to know how to work with Metamask in advance. Attached is a link to the instructions (link) you will also need to add a BSC network (link to instructions)

5. Prepare stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, USDC in advance.

6. Check out the guides on how to work with Part trades on the platform in our knowledge base (link).

What is arbitrage and what to do with the purchased coin

In trading there is the concept of “arbitrage” — this is when you bought an asset in one place and sold it in another place but already with a profit.

By participating in happy hours you’ll essentially be doing arbitrage.

For example:

  • You closely followed our social networks and managed to buy a token with a 50% discount in the amount of $100.
  • Now you can sell this coin on any decentralized exchange (Pancakeswap, 1inch, Uniswap, etc.) or centralized exchange (Binance, Bybit, etc.).
  • The sale amount will be $200 of which $100 will be your profit.

Thus, we want to teach as many people as possible one of the possible methods of earning on our platform, namely the arbitrage of transactions.

Why is Marsbase arbitrage better than other options available?

When we talk about arbitrage we usually first of all think about where it would be cheaper to buy an asset.

In this regard Marsbase provides the best opportunity on the market. Marsbase is the place where people will sell large volumes of coins at discount prices. You in turn will be able to buy these coins and sell them at a profit.

At the moment the market doesn’t provide such an opportunity and we intend to fix it.

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