Deflationary mechanism of MBase token


We are excited to tell you the deflationary model of our MBase token!

We will redeem up to 5% of the total income in the market and burn them. This will reduce the supply of MBase and keep the price stable.

Where will we get the funds for redemption and combustion from? We use a portion of the platform’s revenue:

1️⃣ Commissions from OTC marketable assets
2️⃣ Commissions from OTC of blocked assets
3️⃣ Up to 2.5% of revenue from other services

In this way, the platform’s real revenue and services will drive demand for the token, which in turn will be positively reflected in the price. In other words, mBase is the “fuel” for transactions on the platform.

And our BuyBack&Burn mechanism allows not only to burn tokens, but also to buy them back from the market, which helps keep the MBase price below zero.

Stay tuned for our news and updates to keep up with the latest Marsbase news! 🚀



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