Bug Bounty on Marsbase

  • creation of a wide range of experts around the project
  • regular testing and checking of the platform for bugs
  • increased activity on the platform
  • rewarding participants for finding critical bugs

What errors and bugs to report?

You can report any bugs in the code, textual typos and design errors, problems with logging into the site, errors in the operation of smart contracts not identified by auditors, the inability to withdraw and deposit funds to the wallet, the inability to create or close a deal, place a bid, and so on.

Terms of participation in the program

In order to take part in the Bug Bounty program, you must be subscribed to Discord, official Twitter, Telegram channel and chat:

How long is the program?

The first version of Bug Bounty is valid until further notice (at the discretion of the project team).

How and where to send errors?

If you notice an error, then you need to fill out the form as detailed as possible, indicating detailed information about the error. The form has all the necessary questions, which need to be answered as detailed as possible. If necessary, please attach screenshots, and sometimes screencasts are better (i.e. screen recording, we recommend a very convenient Chrome extension — Screen recorder).

How will requests be processed?

After filling out the form, all data goes to the Marsbase Support department. The employees evaluate the importance, priority and severity level of the bug and assign it to the appropriate person / persons for checking. If we have any questions, the team will contact you within three days to discuss the bug: where did you find it and next steps. If the bug reproduction was successful, the bug status will be changed to “bug in progress”.

Reproducing a bug

Reproducing a bug is exactly following the described steps from the form in order to reproduce the bug, understand what the problem is and take appropriate measures to fix it.

Error classification & rewards

Categories of bugs

  • Bugs related to OTC Desk
  • Dashboard related bugs
  • Bugs related to wallet connection
  • Bugs related to offer creation
  • Bugs related to bid creation
  • Bugs related to closing/cancelling an offer
  • Bugs related to bid cancellation

Who can participate in the program

Platform users, project ambassadors, as well as third parties can participate in the program.

How do I know if I have earned a reward?

After the form is completed, it goes to the head of customer support. After that, all bugs are sorted by the development team, they are assigned a level, category, and other parameters, after which all data is entered into the Notion table. Notion also contains basic information about the user who submitted the bug to the work of the department.

How are the rewards paid out?

Payment for a detected bug is made in mBase tokens within 30 days. It is done not at the Public round rate, but at the current rate in the equivalent corresponding to the value of the token at the time.


At the initial stage, each user will be awarded points for participating in the program. After listing, rewards will be awarded in dollar terms.
For finding a bug, a user can get from 100 to 50,000 points, depending on the group of the bug, its complexity, frequency of mention, successful reproduction, and other factors.


By participating in the program, you can vote for a bug that you have found, but it has already been previously listed on the platform. Those bugs that will accumulate more votes will be taken into work in the first place. In other words, if you find a bug but can’t capitalize on it, you can still vote to fix it faster. Fulfill your social mission 😉

Basic Rules

  • To participate in the program, you must be subscribed to the main channels: Discord, TG Channel and Chat.
  • Provide a valid wallet address. Based on it, we will identify the user and send rewards.
  • Provide an up-to-date email and nickname in Telegram.
  • Data change occurs only through the support team. To do this, it will be necessary to provide the necessary up-to-date information to identify the user.
  • Provide complete information so that our staff can reproduce and fix the bug.
  • Be the first to report a unique bug in accordance with the disclosure requirements above. If similar bugs are reported within the same 24-hour period, rewards will be divided at Marsbase’ discretion.
  • Do not take any illegal action when a bug is discovered, including threats, demands, or any other coercive tactic.
  • Do not exploit the vulnerability in any way, including publishing it or making a profit (other than as a reward under this Program)
  • Submit a form report for one bug only. If you find several bugs, then fill out the appropriate number of forms.



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