$ 250 for a high quality review Marsbase

As you may have heard, we are currently testing our platform and invite you to participate in the testnet.

It is very important for us to collect as much feedback from participants as possible. To do this, we are now announcing a product review contest.


  1. Main prize — $ 250
  2. Second place — $ 100
  3. Third place — $ 50

How to participate

  • To participate in the competition, you must complete the testnet.
  • Done it? Great! Then fill out the Google form in any language:



Evaluation criteria

  • Your experience. You should have a good understanding of how DeFi platforms work.
  • Give a detailed answer. The review should include as many points as possible: site design, usability, bugs found and ideas for improvement.
  • Argumentation. Examples and screenshots will help us a lot!
  • Your opinion and recommendations. Write how you can improve the platform, what needs to be added, and what is better to get rid of in the next versions. It will be interesting to know your opinion about the OTC market as a whole, give examples of other projects from our or related areas.
  • Objectivity. An overly praiseworthy review will not help the product develop in any way, so be honest.



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