⚡️ Marsbase August Digest


⚡️ Marsbase August Digest

The main focus of our team was on product, legal and customer service.

⚡️Marsbase is participating in the Exploring Web3 accelerator program (Organized by Dubai Cryptocurrency Center DMCC (https://twitter.com/dmcccrypto) and TDeFi (Web3 Incubator & Consulting (https://twitter.com/TDe_Fi)).

📢 Gathered the highlights for you:


🟣We are moving on the legalization plan that are required to operate the platform in different jurisdictions around the world and are now applying for registration in the UAE.

🟣We have improved the security and verification system for OTC agents and clients (AML&Compliance) to minimize the risks of scam and disruption of transactions. We are now working with FRACTAL ID (https://web.fractal.id/) on KYC compliance and are also in talks with several contractors who are improving the speed and quality of verification of deal participants.

2️⃣ Product

🟣 Did a cool redesign of the Marsbase website, it’s much simpler and more user friendly.
▶️ Watch

(https://otcmarsbase.io/)🟣Finishing development and internal testing of Marsbase platform. We are preparing the release for the first half of September.
▶️ Watch a short demo of the platform here.
(https://t.me/otcmarsbase/439)▶️ Join the beta test.

(https://t.me/marsbase_saft_bot)🟣We continue to make in-depth analytical reports on the hottest lots on our platform.
▶️ View reports

(https://t.me/marsbaseru/487) 🟣Tokenomics update.
It has become more balanced and attractive for investors.
▶️ (https://t.me/marsbaseru/487) View tokenomics

(https://t.me/otcmarsbase/451) 🟣The Pitch Deck has been updated.
▶️ What’s changed? Check out this post.

(https://t.me/otcmarsbase/452)3️⃣ Events & Networking

🟣We held the first OTC Meetup on “Web3 secondary markets for VC and crypto projects”. Lots of speakers, useful information and good feedback from the audience.
▶️ Recording of the meetup on our youtube.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_xMOqzQOXY)🟣We had the first analytical stream in our private SAFT / SAFE chat, where we analyzed the reports: #LayerZero #Celestia #Manta Network.
▶️ Record the stream on our youtube.

(https://youtu.be/WLxiifQX9qo)🟣Our team attended Coinfest Asia 2023 in Bali, awesome event, quality networking and over 100 new contacts for Marsbase, actively continue to promote secondary web3 markets.
▶️ See the results here.

(https://t.me/otcmarsbase/454)4️⃣ BizDev

🟣Month to month growth in key metrics, 230+ lots totaling $250+ million have been posted in the last few months.
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(https://t.me/marsbase_saft_bot)🟣Launched several strategic partnerships that we’ll tell you about soon. (you can find the latest partnership announcements by hashtag #collab)

🟣Get great feedback and first results on our affiliate program!
▶️ To join the affiliate program.

(https://t.me/marsbase_saft_bot)🟣 Back to fundraising, we are at an advanced stage of negotiations with 9 VCs/angels.



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