Marsbase Ambassador Program


💲We’re relaunching the Ambassador Programme! 💲

And we want to make it one of the best in the market. You’ll not only have the opportunity to earn well, but also to be inside a strong cryptocommunity that will give you drive, new knowledge and useful contacts.

We are assembling a team with which our rocket will fly To the mooon)

1️⃣ Who is our ideal ambassador?

🐳Someone who has a good understanding of crypto: knows the difference between CEX and DEX platforms, understands what blockchain, pharming, bridges, liquidity pools, dApps, DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0…

🪩 Cool if you have an active audience on one of the social networks:

🟢Discord, Instagram, TikTok…discussed

🟩The most important thing is to be active and have a great desire to help develop Marsbase🟩

What kind of tasks will need to be done?
Every week we will publish tasks and for each task completed you will be able to accumulate points.

1️⃣ Regularly publish news/announcements in your channels
2️⃣ Create videos/guides/reviews/educational articles about Marsbase project and secondary markets
3️⃣ Test and give feedback about the Marsbase platform
4️⃣ Attract new users
5️⃣ Participate in AMA
6️⃣ You will also have the opportunity to initiate your own tasks/contests.

✅ For more information about grading and challenge rules — see here

Award distribution 💲

The Ambassador Fund is specially allocated MBASE tokens to reward participants in the Ambassador Programme (AP).

🔟 100 points = 50,000 MBase (100 usdt)

Distribution example:

Each week, the ambassadors complete tasks and receive points for doing so.

🟢At the end of the week, the results are summed up and entered into a table where everyone can track their score.

🟢All participants earn Ambassador points. The more points — the bigger share from the award pool awaits the participant.

📢 Important information for those who have already participated in the Ambassador Programme! All the points you have earned are saved and you will receive your MBase tokens to the designated wallet upon completion of the programme!

🏐 And to add some coolness and fight, we’ve introduced a leaderboard!


Destination leaders will be identified at the end of the programme. The top 5 leaders get an extra boost to their points.

1st place — 1.5
2nd place — 1.4
3rd place — 1.3
4th place — 1.2
5th place — 1.1

To become our Ambassador, click here and fill in the form. We look forward to seeing you on our team!



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